Beagle Tells Mom She Is Pregnant Before The Doctors Even Knew

I’ve always wondered just how smart dogs can be but I didn’t realize they can be THIS smart!

Meet Walter, the Beagle! He was able to detect that there was a baby growing in his mommy’s tummy even before she was six weeks into her term of pregnancy – isn’t that awesome!

When his mom was 6 weeks pregnant, she laid down on the floor and asked Walter where the baby was and he immediately headed straight towards her belly and started licking and pawing it – I think he wanted baby to come out and play with him and his Beagle sister, Bindy. He was as excited as his parents for the arrival of their brand new baby and I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes good care of her and be her best friend forever!

I think smart dogs like Walter are really amazing but what’s more amazing is how he immediately loved, welcomed and watches out for his new baby sister, Averi. Check out this awesome video and share it with friends. You’ll never know, one of you might decide to adopt one smart dog like Walter too!

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