Bertie County Humane Society’s worst emergency: Needs help placing dogs

In Windsor, North Carolina, the Bertie County Humane Society has announced they are facing the worst emergency they have ever announced. The 14 dogs, currently at the shelter, will need to be out of the shelter by the end of the week.

According to their social media page, the floors need work which includes sealing and painting. It is not known how long the process will take. Meanwhile there are 14 dogs at the shelter; three of the dogs are being held for a court case.

There is currently one puppy at the vet, and if their office calls, there will then be 15 dogs in need of immediate help. Twelve of the dogs need approved rescue or adoptive homes. (The county will be responsible for the three dogs being held for court)

It is a tall order since most rescues are now overflowing with dogs, but if someone from an approved rescue agrees to hold 11 of the dogs until the floors are finished, it would be much appreciated.

The dogs’ photos and their information can be followed by clicking here and scrolling down.

IF YOU ARE A RESCUE AND CAN PULL AN ANIMAL …..PLEASE CONTACT US! Private messaging is preferred. (No pull fees for approved rescues) Comments are easily missed! Send private messages!

Animals can be ADOPTED only to APPROVED HOMES. (Vet references, personal references etc will be required. When feasible a home visit will also be done)

Send your email for an adoption application.

If you currently have any dogs it is suggested to bring them to the shelter to meet the dog you are interested in and bring your family.

NO DOGS ARE ADOPTED TO LIVE OUTSIDE! They must be adopted to become INSIDE beloved family members.

for some dogs a fenced yard is required (this depends on the dog).

Preferred way to contact is to private message on Facebook (you will receive a quicker reply) or

call: 252-325-3647 (please be patient there are only a few volunteers)


Bertie County Animal Shelter

Windsor, NC

Bertie County Humane Society

217 County Farm Rd

Windsor, North Carolina 27983

(252) 325-3647

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