Bertie The Fluffy Wuffy Chocolate Pomeranian Is Easily Confused For A Baby Bear

Bertram (AKA Bertie) the chocolate Pomeranian has melted the hearts of many and has probably confused even more. The little fluffy wuffy pup can easily be confused for a baby bear, but he’s definitely a real live dog! 🙂

Meet Bertie the chocolate Pom!

It’s easy to see why he’s such a hit across the internet.

Dressing up for the part! 😉

He can stare deep into your soul with those eyes.

He likes to go everywhere with his owners.

Here he is celebrating his 5th birthday! 🙂

Bertie was adopted on from a shelter in Oklahoma but now lives in New York City.

Be sure to follow this fluffball on Instagram for even more cuteness.

So to summarize: not actually a baby bear, definitely a real dog. 😉

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