Best freedom ride picture of rescued dog EVER!

Never for even a moment think a dog doesn’t know his life has been saved. Meet Gregory, from Hancock, Ohio, in the best freedom ride picture of a rescued dog EVER! The adorable pooch’s life changed for the better on Tuesday – rescued from a scheduled euthanasia appointment at the local shelter because he tested heart worm positive.

HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary posted the photo of appreciative Beagle Gregory and much adored Joe on their way home from the shelter. He will be seeing the organization’s veterinarian soon and will be starting his heart worm treatment. Hopefully Gregory will recover and be made eligible for adoption to a family who will provide him with the love and care he deserves.

 “We are asking as well, for Prayers and Blessings for Healing for this sweet boy! It is a pleasure to be able to Welcome Gregory and Help him on his way to a Healthy and Happy Life! Please consider a tax deductible Donation to help Gregory!”

“What a Great photo of Gregory and my Husband Joe on their way home from the shelter! This is what makes it all worthwhile! This is why we Rescue!”

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