The Best Part Of The Mailman’s Day Is This Golden Retriever

Mailmen and dogs always seem to either have love or hate relationships. Either dogs can’t stand the “intruders” being on their property every day and lash out at them, or they become the best of pals from seeing each other all the time. (And the treats don’t hurt!) For this particular mailman, a Golden Retriever is the best part of his day!

Every day the mailman pulls up to this house, the Golden Retriever comes out to greet him. The dog actually puts his paws on the mailman’s shoulders and hugs him before taking the mail. The mailman places the mail in the dog’s mouth, and the dog is more than happy to finish off the chore by taking it into the house to give to his owners.

What a treat to see such a loving and friendly dog while out on the job! These two are lucky to have each other, and their daily interaction certainly gives them both something to look forward to.

“Best part of my day!” 🙂

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