The Best Pieces Of Clothing For Dogs On Amazon

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1. Help your pup get her ball on with a sports hoodie fit for big dogs.

Promising review: “I went to Petco and PetSmart and only found tons of dog clothes for small dogs. I got the 7X based on other reviews and gotta say it’s a bit big. Actually it’s just long. It covers my dog well and I figured I should account for shrinkage. I have a 45 lb. pit bull.” —E kim

Price: $5.99+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: 3XL-9XL / Colors: black, gray, red, yellow

2. Give your pup major dad-on-vacation vibes with a snazzy Hawaiian-print shirt.

Promising review: “Our basset was invited to a Luau party, so we found this styling Hawaiian shirt for him. We got the XL and the fit was good. The sleeves were a little long, (but that is a standard problem for bassets). The material is quality, sturdy fabric, (which was a pleasant surprise for dog clothes). The shirt fastens with Velcro.” —S. H. Wells

Price: $15.92+ / Rating: 4/5 / Sizes: XXS-S/M, L-XL

3. Get a little variety with a 3-pack of novelty shirts for your adventurous dog.

Promising review: “So far so good. Our Jack Russell terrier looks cute/smart in these and they are made of a great material that seems to be able to stand up to his scratching, unlike knitted/woven ones. That’s not to say that these cause itchiness—they don’t. It’s just that our dog has allergies causing him to get itchy and a coat calms him down.” —uktravailer

Price: $17.99+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: 10″-16″

4. Dress him up for game day in a collegiate-look polo shirt. (Popped collar is optional.)

Promising review: “I got the large and my Norwich is 16 lbs. I especially love the sleeves, as they fit well and are loose enough to be comfortable. So often the sleeves on these shirts make it hard for them to walk.” —D. Stein

Price: $12.99 / Rating: 4.7/5 / Sizes: XS-L

5. Help your dog get all fancy-(no)pants with a tutu dress.

Promising review: “This fits my lab perfectly! It’s so cute. Side note, glitter is everywhere after she wears it, but easily vacuumed!” —Emily

Price: $15.99 / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: S, L, XL

6. Or keep it lighter with a tutu sundress perf for small dogs.

Promising review: “This dress is so well made and it fits my dog perfectly. The lacy part is soft enough where my dog and I don’t feel any discomfort.” —Jessica’s fan

Price: $3.19 / Rating: 4.2/5 / Sizes: XS-XL / Colors: pink, blue

7. May the force of a dog Jedi robe be with you.

Promising review: “I love this Jedi costume for my corgi. Fortunately, I read the reviews and one person with two corgis posted about the sizing for his dogs. I would have absolutely ordered the medium instead of the large. I put it on Fitz as soon as it arrived! It’s easy to put on, as it has Velcro on the shirt and belt.” —Lynn

Price: $10.36+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: S-XL

8. Play twins in the chilly temps with a shearling-style coat that’ll match your old faithful.

Promising review: “The medium size actually fit my 23 lbs. terrier. I did not have to size up or down. There is a long waist strap for the dog’s girth so it will fit my smaller dog, too. There is ample room for the neck strap, too. Jacket is not a heavy fleece but it will work for weather that is around 32 degrees outside.” —CS Kend

Price: $9.99+ / Rating: 4.2/5 / Sizes: S-XL / Colors: tan (shown), brown

9. Avoid a full-on bath from a downpour with a slick raincoat equipped with a self-adjusting belly strap.

Promising review: “I have a 40 lb. goldendoodle who has a 23″ body length and 25″ chest girth. Size XL fits him quite well. The coat can cover his whole body when the hood is on his head. We both like this raincoat.” —E. Huang

Price: $10.99+ / Rating: 4/5 / Sizes: XS-2XL

10. Easily spot your dog in a plaid waterproof coat that’ll become like her second skin.

Promising review: “Super cute and cozy too! Easy to put on too. My dogs will love this for camping on cold nights. Love the plaid!” —Karen Beth Martin

Price: $12.99+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: XS-3XL / Colors: red (shown), green, brown, beige

11. Keep small dogs toasty in a zip-up puffy vest that won’t get caught in their fur.

Promising review: “I purchased this Gooby Padded Cold Weather vest as a gift for my daughter’s dog in a size medium and it was a perfect fit.. It is extremely well constructed of totally washable and durable materials. The step in design makes this vest very easy to put on and take off, and having the secure D rings on the back is a great part of the design.” —Happy Feet

Price: $17.22+ / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: XS-XL / Colors: blue, green, pink, purple, red

12. Feel like it’s summer year-round with a bright rainbow tank for your color-obsessed dog.

Promising review: “I thought it was going to be too small or either too big for my 10-11 lbs. terrier mix, but it fits her perfectly! My dog has a small frame but longish body. She usually wears a small in tops and medium in dresses, the medium in tops are usually too big for her in the shoulders and chest area but the length fits her fine. With this top, the length and the size for the chest fits her perfectly.” —Sugi Lagad

Price: $2.97 / Rating: 4.1/5 / Sizes: XS-XL

13. Outfit your guard dog with a killer tee to match his ruff-and-tumble ways.

Promising review: “Perfect fit and my baby looks adorable!” —Bridget

Price: $2.66 / Rating: 4.8/5 / Sizes: XS-L

14. Let your dog channel her inner goth with a ruffled spider dress.

Promising review: “i love the outfit, they only thing the net keeps getting stuck with the little rhinestones. But it is beautiful” —Gloria R. Lopez

Price: $6.19+ / Rating: 4/5 / Sizes: S-M

15. Put your dog’s pep into play with a whimsical cheer uniform.

Promising review: “Came really fast. It’s adorable. The small fit my 6 lbs. yorkie mix perfectly!” —Kathleen Sweet

Price: $2.78+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: S-XL, U.S. XS-L

16. Show off your dog’s patriotism with an American-flag sweater.

Promising review: “These seem to be very well made, they are thick and very warm. My 50 lbs. mixed breeds each fit into the L size. My bigger mixes, which weigh 60 lbs., needed the XL. Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. According to the measurements, my 60 pounders would need a L, but they really needed an XL because L would have been too tight.” —D.ave

Price: $28.49+ / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: 2XS-XL

17. Get your dog ready for a formal event with a dapper tux that comes with a bowtie and tie.

Promising review: “This is hands down the best dog tux I have ever seen! I bought it for my dog, as he was in our wedding and he stole the show. Everyone loved the tux and couldn’t believe the price! I wish he could wear this all the time.” —Wheezy97

Price: $21.99 / Rating: 4.8/5 / Sizes: XS-2XL

18. Encourage outdoor play with a warm camo hoodie that’s fit for camping, running around in the yard, and more.

Promising review: “I got so many complements on this sweatshirt. I have a 74 lbs. female boxer and purchased the XX-Large for our camping trip to keep her warm. It fit a tiny bit loose but I think a size smaller would have been too snug, so I’m happy with the size.” —Kim Rogers

Price: $20.19 / Rating: 4.1/5 / Sizes: XS-2XL / Colors: blue, green, pink

19. Make your good boy look like the (super stylish) villain in an 80s comedy with this boyfriend sweater.

Promising review: “I purchased the XXXL for my cane corso (100 lbs.) and it fits perfectly. This will work great for taking him with to football games to keep him warm.” —Brooke Hallam

Price: $30.38 / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: 2XS-3XL

20. Scare off any unwelcome sniffers with a tough skull hoodie.

Promising review: “XL fits perfectly on my 68 lbs. pit/lab mix. She’s tall and lean.” —April

Price: $12.64+ / Rating: 4.6/5 / Sizes: 2XS-XL / Colors: raspberry sorbet, black

21. Show your love for two animals with this adorable panda hoodie.

Promising review: “This is the most darling little outfit! I bought it for my schnoodle, who gets cold and shivers when it is cold outside. This outfit has an overall appearance of a two-piece jogging suit when on my dog, but is actually all one piece. It is warm and soft and comfy for her and she loves wearing it!” —Chloe

Price: $4.63 / Rating: 4/5 / Sizes: S-2XL

22. Combat mild gusts with a classic dog scarf that’ll stay put.

Promising review: “Such a cute accessory for a dog! My dog wore it for our Christmas pictures and it was a nice touch. I do have to actually tie the scarf around my dog because he is a maniac on four legs, but it would stay on for a calmer dog.” —A Hall

Price: $12.95 / Rating: 4.5/5 / Sizes: one size

23. Remind her to be a good girl for Santa with this charming holiday sweater.

Promising review: “Bought this for my 15 lbs. maltipoo. Was a little long, but overall fit was good. Got so many cute comments going for walks!” —bencha

Price: $9.50+ / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: 2XS-XL

24. Fit the needs of a Festivus-for-the-rest-of-us pup with a vintage-style holiday sweater.

Promising review: “Perfect sweater for the holidays, the pattern is even cuter in person. I bought an XL size sweater for my 4-month-old female great dane puppy and it fit perfectly, (keep that in mind large doggie owners). She was the best holiday decoration all season with this sweater, loved it!” —ann freise

Price: $15.99+ / Rating: 4.6/5 / Sizes: back Length 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″

25. Hang tough in a baller chain shirt that will be the envy of all the other pups at the dog park.

Promising review: “Patch wears this outfit to bed. He looks so cute and on warm nights, he’s cool and comfy. He sleeps better in this shirt during the summer. I would buy it again because he loves it.” —Kaitlin Lewis

Price: $1.99 / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: XS-L / Colors: black, pink

26. Set a street-style standard for your neighborhood with a chic color-block sweater.

Promising review: “My dog is overweight and I find it hard to find things to fit , he’s 25 lbs., but only 16″ length! (Chinese crested that should weigh 15-16 lbs.! ) I got the XL and it fit beautifully!” —MtnBrookie

Price: $18.99+ / Rating: 4.5/5 / Sizes: back length 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″ / Colors: marled color-block (shown), midnight blue and sea green, grey and Hollywood cerise pink

27. Invest in a toasty fleece vest (in several colors) as a polished everyday piece.

Promising review: “My Boston terrier is 21 lbs. His measurements are neck 12.75 and chest 19.5 so I got the XL size and I think it fits him well. The only part that looks a little bit big is the neck, but that’s not a problem. It’s long enough, has room, but it’s not too big, and it seems to be very warm.” — JCSustaita

Price: $9.42+ / Rating: 4.2/5 / Sizes: XS-XL / Colors: available in 16 colors

28. Keep it simple and classic with a cable-knit hoodie.

Promising review: “My 14-year-old bull terrier can no longer stand the cold and shivers, even while in the house (of course we keep our home cooler than most during the winter months), so I broke down and bought him this Blueberry pet sweater. He loves it! He no longer shivers and sleeps much more peacefully than before. He’s about 60 lbs. and we purchased the 20-inch back length, which fits perfectly. It’s cute, warm, easy to wash, and is designed so that a male dog can relieve himself without soiling the sweater.” —Mark R. Lazar

Price: $12.99+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: back length 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″ / Colors: gray (shown), red, sea green

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