Best Ways To Tell Your Cat ‘I Love You’ This Valentine’s Day

If you’re a cat lover, chances are you love including your beloved pet in all of the family holidays. This means showering them with presents on Christmas and finding those special gifts for them on Valentine’s Day. As one of your most treasured loved ones, your cat deserves a little extra attention on this holiday dedicated to love and relationships. But as any kitty parent knows, you go about showing affection a little bit differently when it comes to your feline friend, so that you do so in ways they can appreciate. Here are nine of the best ways you can tell your cat, “I love you!” this Valentine’s Day.

Groom Your Kitty

Many cats generally find grooming enjoyable, as they can spend hours cleaning themselves. Now when it comes to being groomed, some cats are more keen to the extra help than others — even though it can be beneficial to their overall health and well-being. This Valentine’s Day, try spending some time with your cat brushing her fur and her keep a healthy glow. It will give you a great opportunity for some one-on-one bonding time with your feline friend.

Take A Cat Nap

The term “cat nap” is well-earned, as cats spend a lot of time sleeping throughout the day. Your cat loves to snuggle, and you might be overdue for a cuddling session. Make your cat’s day extra special by cuddling up with your kitty for a Valentine’s Day nap.

Get New Kitty Treats…

You shake the bag and your cat comes running, knowing she’s about to get a treat. It’s a great feeling to see your beloved cat trotting toward you with excitement, so make her day extra special with some special new treats as a Valentine’s Day gift. Maybe it will be new catnip crumbles, or maybe it’s new tender meat sticks — just remember, no chocolate!

…Or Try Making Some New Ones

Nothing says “love” quite like a homemade meal, and chances are you can make your favorite feline one of the best. Take a stab at a new cat-treat recipe and incorporate foods that your kitty loves. Get creative with foods like tuna, chicken, or cheese. Try your hand at making catnip croutons — your kitty will certainly show her appreciation in her own special way.

Bring Home A New Toy…

From little mice filled with catnip to lights that kitties can chase, your fur baby loves to play. Introduce some more fun into her life with a brand new toy. Maybe she could use a new cat wand, or maybe that toy mouse is worn and all chewed up. Bringing home a new toy will probably mean playtime for the both of you, which is something you’ll never regret.

…Or Make Them A Special New Toy

The best toys are always the specialized ones that you can’t find anywhere else. As a labor of love, create a new cat toy for your feline friend. It can be something as simple as sewing and stuffing a square full of catnip, to something as complex and involved as making an elaborate cat maze out of cardboard boxes. It can be a fun endeavor for the both of you.

Find Some Fun New Furniture

Your cat loves to climb on chairs, beds, tables, and almost anything tall that offers a place to rest while overlooking the room. For Valentine’s Day, give your cat the gift of new furniture to climb, jump on, or even scratch. She’ll absolutely love having something new to investigate and explore.

Watch A Video Your Cat Loves

Did you know watching videos for cats was a thing? Because it is. Whether it’s a recording of birds, squirrels, or other felines, your cat might become entranced while watching such short videos for cats. Peruse the internet or YouTube for videos you think your kitty will enjoy, and then treat her to her own binge-watching session.

Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

OK, so maybe this isn’t something you’ll do with your cat. But celebrate the bond you and your kitty share by giving back to other cats who are looking for a forever home. They’re also in need of love and affection, and a little extra care might go a long way toward brightening their lives. Take some time out on Valentine’s Day to show some love at a shelter near you — you never know what may come of it.

Considering all the love and enjoyment your cat provides you, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to return the affection. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your cat’s day special. Just give her your time, and do your part to spread the love.

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift and want to help kitties in need, consider checking out the Rescue Box for cats. Not only does it provide your feline friend with fun toys and treats every month, but each Rescue Box purchase also funds food and vaccinations for shelter animals. Your cat will love you for it, and so will many other cats in need.

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