Beyond heartbreaking: Puppy just stares out his kennel shelter door waiting for his owner

At the Riverside County Animal Control, a one-year-old puppy named Gunther, just stares out of his kennel door waiting for his owner. It seems as if he has all but given up; he no longer runs to the front of his cage when would be adopters stop and look at him. Does he just know he won’t be chosen? Does he understand his owner will not be coming?

Check out his video:

How our hearts break just watching Gunther – knowing that no one has expressed any interest in rescuing him, and a euthanasia command has already been issued. It does appear he gets along with other dogs as per the above referenced video, however he is afraid “fearful and unsocial in the shelter environment.”

Yes, Gunther is a difficult case, but he’s barely a year old and has his entire life in front of him if a rescue organization or an experienced shepherd owner opens up their home and heart.


Will be euthanized for being afraid

GUNTHER #A1765602 is a year old and weighs 50 lbs.

He’s been in the shelter since 10/18/2023.

Fearful and unsocial in shelter environment. He’s so afraid.

Gunther is at the Western Riverside County/City Animal located at 6851 Van Buren Blvd., Jurupa Valley, California 92509. Telephone: 888-636-7387

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