Big dog meets tiny dog for the first time and it’s adorable

Amusing footage of a large dog called Tyra meeting a tiny dog called Tintin for the first time.

The video, filmed in Stockholm, Sweden on June 26, shows the adorable moment shared between the larger pet – who weighs 64kg – and the smaller one – who weighs just 1kg.

“Tintin weighs only 1 kg and Tyra 64 kg and it became love right away. This is the first day when Tintin moves to me and Tyra. Tyra was a problem dog when I rescued her from killing the owner because she was dangerous. Now she lives with me for 1.5 years and the difference is great now she is a calm and nice dog. Tintin is 10 months old and has been relocated to me the night before I recorded the video” the duo’s owner Lilian told Newsflare.

The huge Great Dane and the tiny Crested Chinese dog seems to really be hitting it off. Although they have an obvious massive gap between the sizes of the two, both breeds are actually great when with other dogs! Both are elegant dogs and, surprisingly for the Dane, perfect for apartment living.

It may look like Tyra can squash little Tintin like a mosquito, but we feel like we just witnessed a great friendship in the making.

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