This Big Dog Is Being Taunted By A Tiny Cat – And It’s Adorable!

It’s not every day you see a Doberman sitting patiently while a cat playfully swipes at him…

In this video, we see Bishop happily staying put on a carpet while his new housemate, a 2 month-old kitten named Sophie, taunts him into playtime. Sophie had just been adopted by Bishop’s mom after being abandoned in Canada, and it’s clear she’s trying to set some ground rules!

Little Sophie might have gone through a tough time, but she clearly knows she’s safe and sound in her new home…and with her new brother. How cute it is to see the two of them settling into life together.

I can’t get over how sweet Bishop is…such a gentle giant!

Watch the video below:

Now that is one patient pup! Does your big dog get along with his cat siblings?

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