Big Great Dane Can’t Figure Out Why He Won’t Fit Into A Dog Bed Made For A Chihuahua

We’ve all been there. A shirt that is perfect, but just not the right size. A piece of furniture that is just a bit too large to go in your backseat. But maybe, we think…maybe if we squeeze and rearrange and turn around, maybe then it’ll be the right fit!

This adorably determined Great Dane is facing a similar problem: he clearly loves this bed of his, but it’s simply too small. Still, his persistence is not lacking…he tries tirelessly to make it work before finally plopping down in defeat (or maybe victory in his mind?) on the tiny bed.

It’s always so hilarious and sweet when big dogs think they are smaller than their body size, and vice versa. You’d be more comfortable in a bed your size, big guy! Watch the video below:

So much determination, so much loyalty to that little bed! We wonder if he has a larger bed available, but gravitates toward this one? Do you have a large dog who thinks he’s smaller than he really is? Let us know in the comments!

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