Black Trash Bag In Blueberry Field Is Really A Mangled Dog

While driving along the blueberry fields, Shena spotted what she initially thought was a black bag of garbage. As she got closer, she realized it was actually a black dog lying motionless. Unresponsive to Shena’s voice, the pup laid there in obvious distress. Shena’s heart sank as she approached the injured animal, noticing her broken leg and the pain she was in.

Determined to help the dog, Shena used a strap from her fanny pack to create a makeshift slip lead. She gently spoke to the dog, allowing her to get used to her presence. After about 30 to 40 minutes, she was able to get the dog into her van. Shena was relieved that the pup would finally get the help she needed.

Shena called her boss at the Regional Animal Protection Society, where she works, to let them know she was bringing in an injured dog. The staff performed an initial exam and found that the dog did not have a microchip. Shena decided to take the dog home with her. Two days later, the pup underwent surgery for her leg.

During the recovery process, Shena discovered that the dog was sensitive to sedation, becoming a “mushy baby” who just wanted to be held and swaddled. She began calling the pup Blueberry, and the name stuck. Over the course of three months, Blueberry’s leg healed, and she became more comfortable in her new home.

Shena slowly introduced Blueberry to her other dogs and cats, and the introductions went smoothly. One of her cats, in particular, took an immediate liking to Blueberry, rubbing against her and making her feel welcome. Although Shena initially considered Blueberry a foster pet, it soon became clear that they were meant to be together permanently.

Despite the horrible experiences Blueberry had been through, she emerged as a loving and affectionate dog. Shena is grateful for the opportunity to rescue Blueberry and give her the beautiful life she deserves!

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