Blind And Deaf Dog Follows Her Nose To Find Her Owner

Dogs are more than capable of forming strong bonds with both humans and other animals. And this emotional intelligence goes for all dogs – even those who may have special needs. One dog named Lyla is the perfect example of this. While she may be both deaf and blind, she is more than capable of showing tons of love and affection.

Her owner, Mark Reed, knows that this happy pooch doesn’t let her lack of sight or sound get in the way of living her best life. He showed her openness and joie de vivre in a heartwarming TikTok video.

In the video, Lyla is having fun outside in the yard, doing her thing sniffing around. Mark goes out to the yard where he sits down in a chair.

Even though she’s blind and deaf, it doesn’t take her long to sense his presence outside. Using her nose, she catches a whiff of his scent. Immediately, she perks up. She follows her nose to where he is sitting only to then shower him in all the doggie love that she has in her heart. It is truly touching to watch.

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