Blind And Deaf Dog Sniffs Out A Gas Leak In His Neighborhood

Job may be a blind and deaf pooch, but that didn’t stop the rescue dog from sniffing out a dangerous situation in his Wisconsin neighborhood.

While on a walk with his owner James Densmore, the Lhasa apso mix started barking and spinning in circles. As it turns out, he was acting up in response to a natural gas leak, which Densmore also caught a whiff of. However, the pooch took it a step further by standing in the exact spot where the gas leak was coming from.

The dog’s incredible instincts are reminiscent to other dogs around the country who have saved their owners from what could’ve been a devastating outcome. For example, it’s hard not to be in awe of the pooch in Louisiana who woke her elderly owner out of her sleep to warn her about a house fire. Same goes for the dog in Indiana who alerted his owners of a similar situation.

Soon after Job’s sniffing success, a utility company came to fix the gas leak.

“We are proud of him every day, but specifically that day,” Densmore told WISN 12 News of his rescue pooch. (And we don’t blame him!)

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