Blind And Deaf Dog Welcome Video

Millions of dogs are in shelters waiting for someone to adopt them. Dogs with special needs have an even harder time finding a forever home. However, there are some amazing people in the world that do not see these dogs as work – but perfect the way they are.

Opal, a 7-month-old Australian shepherd, was born blind and deaf. She ended up at The Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser, Idaho. A Washington couple came across her and immediately knew she was the perfect dog for them.

Forrest and Christine Hutchings Bray adopted Opal and headed back to their home in Spokane, Washington. The grateful pup immediately bonded with her new family. A video posted on Instagram shows Opal using her other senses to get around just fine. She uses her powerful nose to smell that her dad is home and starts to leap and jump on the fence with excitement.

“She just wants pets, walks and treats like other dogs. We are working on touch training her. A few taps on the rear and she sits, and a tap on her shoulders and she lays down,” Forrest told 12News.

This heartwarming video shows the power of unconditional love. Opal is beyond happy and welcomes her dad home with enthusiasm. We do not deserve dogs.

Watch the touching video below. It has gone viral with nearly 800K views and over 1,000 comments. Follow Opal on Instagram.

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