Blind dog and canine ‘guide’ lost home, shelter searches for new family

A Virginia animal shelter is searching for a new family for a blind dog and his “guide.” According to the Richmond Animal Care and Control six-year-old Blue Dozer (a pit bull), was surrendered with his buddy OJ (a blind, 12-year-old Dachshund), because their owner became homeless.

The shelter stated:

These bonded best friends need to be adopted together. OJ is blind and depends on Dozer to show him around. We can’t stand the cuteness and kindness these two share. Anyone willing to love a bonded pair of perfection? Come see us #weareyourcityshelter#bestfriendsforlife #twinning

Many people have offered to help the bonded friends stay with their prior owner, but that option is apparently impossible. The animal shelter explained:

Thank you to everyone that is offering to help the owner secure housing or find foster for these dogs. RACC is the safety net for cases such as this. We offered multiple options in an effort to prevent surrender and the owner wanted us to take custody of the dogs and find them a home together quickly. We will not share her private details but she is not able to provide care now and will not be able to provide care in the future. We supported her final (very hard) decision and assured her that these dogs will be loved at RACC and we will work to find forever placement.

Find the animal shelter on Facebook here.

Call the shelter at (804) 646-5584

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