Blind Dog Gets Cataract Surgery And A Second Chance At Life

Every dog should be given a second chance. Even the older ones or those with disabilities. They all deserve love and care. Some people would look away from older dogs because they think puppies are cuter. But this I tell you, older dogs can be just as cute, and they are very sweet too!

This is the story of an old blind dog who got a second chance in life. Everyone, meet Spunky. Spunky is fifteen years old and he’s almost blind in both eyes. His chances of adoption were slim. But Spunky was given a second chance. The Lange Foundation helped him get the Cataract surgery that he needed. Prepare your tissues as you watch Spunky’s video below. See how Spunky got a chance to have a loving, forever home!

Spunky got me all teary-eyed! He was so happy to finally have someone to love him, and have a place he can finally call home!

Give an older dog a chance to be loved. Visit your local shelter and adopt the love of your life. And share this video to make a difference!

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