Blind Dog Gets Rescued After Being Trapped In Well For A Month

A blind dog in Bosnia was saved after miraculously surviving a month in an unimaginable place.

The pooch, who was named Christmas, presumably fell into a deep well while searching for food. He was reportedly stuck there for a month, but survived thanks to local kids who were feeding him by throwing food down the hole.

The dog was finally pulled out of his misery with the help of two brave rescuers, who worked tirelessly to save him.

“Veteran rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his buddy Ratko Koblar drove hours to the scene when they heard about this dog whom nobody in the community had tried to save,” Animal Fund writes in its YouTube video.

Much like the rescuers who saved a dog stuck in a similar well in India, one of the men bravely climbed down to help Christmas out of the dark hole. He put the dog in a harness that was attached to a rope allowing him to be lifted out without causing any injury.

In the video, the foundation also explains, “No hole too deep. No space too dark. We will come for you.” And these words hold true after watching this rescue effort.

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