Blind Dog Loses Eyes To Glaucoma, Then Gets Her Very Own Seeing-Eye Dog

Sometimes, you meet just the kind of person you need in the most unlikely place. In Babs the dog’s case, she found a seeing-eye dog and helper in a close friend.

“We got them about a year ago, and Babs had glaucoma,” Jim Wenger of DWF Rescue Me explains in the video below, posted on May 12, 2017. “It progressed to the point that it was very painful so she had to have her eyes removed.”

After learning to make her way around without her eyes, she found her vision through another dog, named Bart.

As you can see, their friendship is much more meaningful than the typical canine connection.

“He’s kind of her seeing-eye dog. If he goes into a room, she’ll go into a room. If he gets on the couch, she’ll get on the couch, into the car. It’s amazing. Watching her, you wouldn’t even know she doesn’t have eyes,” Jim says of the two best friends.

As they wait to be adopted, it is clear these two will need to find a home together and be the only dogs in the house, since Bart can get a little overprotective of Babs at times.

Check out the footage provided by WGNO below to see the amazing friendship between these dogs.

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