BLIND Dog Miraculously Saves Drowning Girl. What A Brave Hero!

Another awesome dog has saved a life. And what makes this story even more incredible is that this dog is blind!

Everyone, meet Norman, a courageous yellow Labrador Retriever who saved the life of a girl named Lisa Nibbley. Norman was abandoned by his previous. Luckily a couple named Annette and Steve McDonalds rescued him just before the day he was scheduled to be put to sleep. It was not long after he was adopted that the couple noticed there was something wrong with Norman’s eyesight. When they had it checked at the vet, they discovered that Norman had Retinal Atrophe, a condition with no cure, which would then lead to blindness. After a few years, Norman lost his eyesight. Then one day, as Norman and Annette were strolling the beach, they saw and heard Lisa Nibbley in the water, yelling for help. Watch the video below and see how heroic story ended!

Norman is one amazing dog! He may be blind but that didn’t hold him back from saving a life. This blind dog is truly a hero!

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