Blind Great Dane Learns How To Make Friends With Other Pups

Fostering a pet is always a noble thing to do. There are tons of animals out there that would otherwise be on the street or on death row at a kill shelter. It’s amazing to give a home, even if it’s temporary, to an animal in need, no matter how old, young, big, or small they are.

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But to become a foster parent to a disabled animal? That’s a whole new level of commitment to animals in need!

When this woman signed up to become the foster mom to a blind Great Dane puppy, she was ready to learn everything she needed to know. But she did need a little bit of guidance.

While she holds the blind pup’s leash, she receives instructions on exactly how to make this pup feel at home.

At first, this big puppy, named Nora, gets overwhelmed by all the new smells and sensations around, since she can’t see who’s near. When other excited dogs get near, she begins to panic.

If this pup’s going to be able to live in this foster home, she’s going to have to learn how to socialize with other animals and how to control her anxieties. Watching this pup meet these other two dogs for the first time really is amazing — she goes from terrified to friendly in such a short amount of time. You have to see how she does it…

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