Blind Puppy Melts Hearts Of 8 Millions When Meeting Baby Sister For The First Time

There’s something incredibly heartwarming about a dog meeting a newborn baby for the first time. Such videos invariably melt hearts across the globe, and the story we’re sharing today is no exception. Rocky Kanaka, Kelly Kanaka, and their three adorable dogs welcomed home baby Capri Kanaka and introduced her to her four-legged siblings.

When it was time for Capri to meet her furry siblings, the parents thoughtfully managed the dogs’ excitement before making the introduction. They were given a chance to sniff her blanket to familiarize themselves with her scent.

Each dog got a turn to meet Capri individually. Flip, a boxer, was the first to meet Capri, followed by Zoey and Kobe, a blind boxer who had recently undergone heart surgery.

Each meeting was recorded, and while each was unique, they all had one thing in common – they were utterly endearing! To see these delightful introductions for yourself, watch the video below.

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