Bo The Dog Likes to Keep His Loved Ones Close, and a Blanket Is One of Them

One of the most charming traits a dog has is that they are usually sociable. It’s heartwarming how much a dog can express their love for you — dogs definitely earned the title “man’s best friend.” Their existence is already a blessing, a comfort for humans, and a daily dose of serotonin.

Happily, dogs also feel the same way about their human parents as we do about them, and they also feel calm and comforted in our presence. And proof of that is Bo, a dog who adorably expresses his love to those around him.

“He does like to be touching whoever’s driving, and he also likes getting his hands rubbed. And then he’s just so calm, like, when you hold it, he’s in the zone,” says Randi, Bo’s mom.

The routine began when Bo was still a baby, and ever since then, the shotgun seat has been saved for him. He loves car rides and sitting beside his parents.

Aside from car rides being one of their favorite activities together, Randi also shared that she hasn’t used an alarm since Bo started living with them. It was all because of a blanket — his favorite blanket.

But what is perhaps most intriguing about Bo’s story is his adorable attachment to his favorite blanket. Bo finds comfort with a specific blanket, and Randi narrates, “He’s just excited to get downstairs and take it to the couch. He’s always been fascinated with everything that resembles a blanket.”

It’s not just the blanket (although that’s obviously his favorite) but also their bath mat and bath towel — now, isn’t that just so cute?

Like humans, dogs can also find comfort in the most random things. Who wouldn’t love the comfort and warmth a blanket can make you feel? Comfort is truly to each their own.

Watch more endearing blanket moments with Bo in the video below.

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