Bonded dogs in need of a home after their owner died

Two bonded dogs are in need of a new home in Suffolk County, Long Island, following the death of their owner. The dogs, 10-year-old Ginger and 5-year-old Lucky, are female dachshunds who enjoyed a life full of love not long ago.

Days ago, the Desperate Dogs of Long Island Facebook page issued a public post on behalf of the bonded pair:

They were loved, cuddled and adored- their owner, a double amputee, did everything he could for them. But recently he passed- and his family didn’t want them.

Please help these dogs find a new home

The dogs are described as “cuddlers” who love attention – they are said to enjoy playing with other small dogs. You can assist these canine orphans by taking a moment to share their story.

Interested in learning more? Please call or text 310-623-0463.

Please note: If you own other dogs, a meet and greet is required.

Facebook thread for Ginger and Lucky can be found here.

(Image via Desperate Dogs of Long Island)

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