Bonded friends just want to be loved, but nobody wants them

A bonded pair of dogs, being held at a Texas animal shelter, want nothing more than to love and be loved. But, nobody seems to want them…despite their friendly demeanor. These adorable pups are being held at the Ft. Bend Animal Control agency in Rosenberg – they have been locked away for months, and nobody has expressed any interest in saving them.

In late January, the animal control agency wrote:

These two want nothing more then to have a nice home, and someone they can smother with kisses. They were found in Needville on 1/10. Both are listed as 3 years old and a Staffordshire/mix. They appear to be bonded, and once they realize you have toys, be prepared for lots of kisses. Come meet these two.
A014233 & A014234

Who could resist puppy kisses? Snuggles? Cuddles? Apparently most people…please help these beautiful dogs find a loving forever home by taking a moment to network their adoption information. Months have passed and it’s time for both dogs to leave.

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