Bonded Labs surrendered to shelter by owner after new puppy arrives

A bonded pair of Labrador retrievers are hoping for a new home after they were surrendered to a nearby shelter when their family brought in a new puppy. Briggs and Sadie, five-year-old yellow and chocolate coated close friends respectively, were lucky though; they wound up at Lab Rescue LRCP, an organization that rescues and helps to find homes for abused, neglected and abandoned Labrador retrievers in the states of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

It seems Briggs and Sadie had been playing too roughly with the new puppy, and so without much fanfare or perhaps a lack of pre-planning before bringing a new puppy into a home with adult bonded dogs, they were sent away. Both dogs tested heartworm positive. Had they remained at the shelter, it is likely they would have been euthanized. Now the lucky duo are being treated, spoiled and hanging out waiting for a new family to find them.

Introducing Briggs -the yellow Lab and Sadie the brown gal – a sweet note from their foster mom:

These two have been with us almost a week now, and have been lovely houseguests.

They are low-ish energy and house-trained. We had one in the crate early on and it was fine, but really they haven’t needed crating since the first day.

They’ll do some ‘labragator’ playing/wrestling with each other, and then settle nicely.

I’d say the biggest ‘drawback’, is that it’s hard to get my work done, when I have these two smiling at me all day

They are 5 years old and heartworm positive, but LRCP will arrange and pay for their treatments.

The non profit organizations provides all of their Labs with veterinary care, spay or neuter services and placement with foster families where they are loved while they await adoption. For more information on adoption, please click here.

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