Bonded Pair Thelma & Louise Deserve a Happy Ending

New York Bully Crew has some lovely bonded pairs who really need homes.  Some were badly abused, and some were surrendered because their heartbroken owner lost his home.  But all really need a fresh start – together.


Thelma & Louise

Two is better than one!!** Our NJ Bodega Rescues Thelma and Louise are doing amazing and have truly come so far from when we first rescued them from their outside life of filth and loneliness. They are great together!! They both enjoy their walks, they love to cuddle and give kisses, and love to just be dogs! Breaks our hearts to know the kind of life they had to endure but now they are both happy and sweet girls on the way to their happily ever after. WE ASK THAT YOU OPEN YOUR HEARTS TO TWO, as this bonded duo need a home together. Please go to and fill out the application for them so you can take them home and give them the life they were meant to have!!


Scarlett & Sapphire

Greetings from Scarlett and Sapphire!!! This mother-daughter bonded pair were saved from a dire situation in the Bronx. We had gone there to rescue 3 puppies (Ghostface, Rza, and Gza) but when we got there we realized that there were two adult dogs in need!! The owner had fallen into some hardship and lost his home so we took them in as well. Scarlett and Sapphire are a very bonded pair and must be adopted together. These two beauties do wonderfully with other dogs, all people, and kids!! Please open your hearts and your homes to give these girls a chance!! Go to and submit an application for them!



Mama & Jace

Mama and Jace, our bonded couple, have come such a long way since they have been with us at NYBC. They, as well as their 5 pups who have since found wonderful homes, were found tied up in a Jamaica Queens alley way, petrified and confused as to how someone or some-“thing” could have abandoned them like this and just walk away, no conscience whatsoever. Mama was tied up with a disgusting heavy chain! Poor Daddy Jace was tied up with electrical cords and could have choked to death! The pups were in a filthy dirty crate, all left to die! We feel so blessed and are so thankful for that NYPD Police Officer who called us that day instead of calling Animal Control first. They really are husband and wife and are too bonded to be separated. They panic when not near each other and we keep them together at the rescue of course. We know with the right pack leader, love and care that these two would thrive in a home. Don’t let them spend their lives in a shelter setting, they deserve more than that after surviving all they have been through. If interested in adopting or even maybe first fostering Mama and Jace, go to and fill out the application for them. We know the right person and home are out there for this dynamic duo!

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