Bonnie, Heroics Save Her Owner After Fall From Cliff


Even when you prepare for the unexpected, it, somehow, you aren’t. But when you have a faithful friend along, even the worst case scenario may be averted.

Diane Wuest decided to go hiking with her dog, Bonnie, when they were camping in the Tararua Ranges of New Zealand. Then that unexpected thing happened. Wuest fell off a cliff, breaking her leg and leaving her a the bottom, with Bonnie still up top.


In an interview with The Dodo, Wuest said, “I fell and was facing the cliff so I couldn’t see her, but I heard her making her way down the side of the cliff where it was not so steep. Within about a minute she was by my side.” Bonnie knew that Wuest needed help. Arriving at Wuest’s side, Bonnie was wearing a bag that contained her phone, allowing her to call. Bonnie waited at her side until the rescuers arrived about an hour later, even though the helicopters noise was a frightening.


Wuest is healing and expected to fully recover. As to Bonnie, she is a perfect example of the loyalty and faithfulness dog’s have for their owners. Well done, Bonnie. Well done.

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