Border Collie Grabs a Lasso and Line Dances With ‘Cowboy’ in Fun Dance Routine

Border Collies are a popular dogs when it comes to agility and dancing competitions because of their dexterity and intelligence. Falco is one such dog when he and his owner/handler Lukas Pratschker took to the stage at Crufts 2018 to perform in the Heelwork to Music competition.

The auditorium saw wonderful performances by legendary Mary Ray and the heelwork to music winners Skiffle and Lucy Creek.

Falco and Lukas’ performance also brought down the house with their country & western routine, performed to “Fake I.D.” by Big and Rich. There’s even a lasso!

Many people loved it. “This is great. It’s not often (unless I am mistaken) you get country music with heelwork to music. Wouldn’t it be fun to see a line-dancing dog at Crufts one day,” wrote one. “What a wonderful dog!,” wrote another.

Watch their entertaining “wild west” routine in the video below.

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