Boston Terrier Stood Up By Adopter Is Once Again Looking For Loving Home

The best day for shelter dogs is the day they get adopted. They finally hear the words “you have been adopted” and it is a day filled with excitement.

Sadly, there are times when the adopter changes his/her mind and don’t show up. This is what happened to a sweet pup in Ontario, Canada.

Nikki, a four-year-old Boston terrier, was surrendered by her owner to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in December due to allergies and being reactive towards other dogs.

Her skin has drastically improved thanks to a special diet, medications, and medicated baths. The energetic dog loves people and children but will need to be an only pet.

After spending months at the shelter, someone filled out an application and did a meet and greet with Nikki. They decided to adopt her, and a pick-up date was scheduled.

Nikki was thrilled to hear that she had a new home and waited patiently in her kennel for her new family – but they never showed up.

A heartbreaking video of Nikki surrounded by her toys in her kennel was posted on TikTok announcing that she is “available for adoption again”. Viewers were sad for her, but many said that it was a blessing in disguise as she deserves a family who will love her forever.

Grab a tissue and watch it below.

@Bama2LA wrote, “It was probably divine intervention! She needs someone who truly wants her!”

@eclecticsole agreed and commented, “You gotta show up for the doggies, and I don’t just mean to pick them up. Show up every day and night for them, cuz they’ll show up for you 100% always.”

Learn more about Nikki and how to adopt her by clicking here.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary rescues dogs and horses and gives them the love and care they need until they find forever homes. They are welcomed to stay as long as needed. Be sure to follow them on Facebook where they also post weekly updates to their “Community Pet Rehome” page.

Share Nikki’s story with your friends and family and help her find a forever home.

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