Boxer Adorable Fails In Trying To Drink Water From A Coffee Mug

They say Boxers are the comedians or the clowns of the dog world. Well we’ve seen a couple of videos that prove how goofy and hilarious this breed can be. There was that video of a Boxer who kept bothering his mom every time she blow dries her hair. Oh, and there’s that funny Boxer named Oscar who imitated the sound of a firetruck siren!

Now here’s another video of a goofy Boxer. This fella wants to drink from her human’s coffee mug. But she doesn’t know how to do it. Watch the video below and see what she does when she tries to drink from the mug!

LOL! Poor baby! Well you shouldn’t drink coffee anyway, sweetie. So maybe it’s good that you weren’t able to figure out how to drink from a mug!

Does your dog have an adorable FAIL moment too? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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