Boxer Is Communicating His Frustrations After Dad Made Him Leave The Dog Park Too Soon!


It is always a little embarrassing if your child has a temper tantrum when you are out in public. They see something that they want and scream and throw a fit if you saw no. The other shoppers have no idea why your child is screaming, and they all stare at you as you desperately try to calm your child down.

The dog in this video is having a blast at the park – but then dad goes and spoils the whole thing by saying it is time to go home. The dog is not at all ready to go and lets his dad know! He complains as only a dog can! You can tell the Boxer is desperately trying to plead his case and wants to have just five more minutes of fun!

Take a look at this video!

Talk about sassy! This dad and his dog are having some fun! Share away, people!

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