Boxer Mimics Squeaky Toy

Boxers are said to be the clowns and comedians of the dog world–and we totally agree! We’ve seen plenty of Boxer videos that had us rolling on the floor with laughter. They are just effortlessly funny! It must be that funny, smooshy face of theirs, or it’s just how goofy they are! One of our favorite funny boxer videos was the one where Oscar the Boxer imitates a firetruck siren. Then right after he howled, he gave his mom a funny look while she was applauding him!

And now here’s another funny Boxer video. And just like Oscar, this Boxer is trying to imitate a sound. But instead of imitating a firetruck siren, this cutie is imitating the sound of a squeaky toy. Watch the video below and see how this Boxer howls as he hears the sound of the squeaky toy!

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