Boxer Tied To Pole Stared At Passersby Hoping His Owner Was Among Them

Graham was driving to work when he saw a figure out of the corner of his eye. He pulled over, and there was a dog all by himself tied to a lamppost. Graham was concerned and a bit confused. It was possible that the owner left him there while running an errand, so Graham waited for the dog’s owner to return. As time ticked by, Graham’s fears became a reality. The dog had, in actuality, been abandoned. By the look on the dog’s face, Graham understood that the pup felt rejected and alone.

The kind man called a friend to help calm the dog as they moved him into Graham’s vehicle. As they pulled away, the dog wasn’t sure what was going on and why his owner had simply walked away from him. Graham decided to give the pup a new name, Max, and get him the help he needed. His friend knew of a rescue organization, so she made some phone calls. They directed both of them to the vet clinic.

Once Max was examined, the vet informed them that he had been neglected and needed surgery. The rescue group shared Max’s story on social media and donations poured in. The dog finally had people to rally behind him. His surgery was a success, and Max was placed in a loving foster home when he recovered.

Max may have been unwanted by his unfeeling owner, but now he was surrounded by love. Thanks to Graham, who found Max, the pup is now living his best life with people who will never turn their backs on him.

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