Boxer’s Game Of Fetch Just Got Way Cooler

Playing fetch with your dog is always a ton of fun but when it turns into something that’s fun and cool, well it makes it better than ever!

This adorable boxer is ready for a fun-filled game with his humans. Watch as they take it a step further with some fun sounds and new ways to stimulate their beloved pet.

The kicker: This game of fetch turns into a music video! How much fun is that?!

Totally Fido approved!

Does your pup like a game of fetch? Does he or she have a favorite toy to run after? My pups don’t really discriminate so long as they’re in the mood.

Here are some other fun games to play with your pooch indoors!

1. Hide and Go Seek

You can easily teach your smart pup how to use the command “find it,” by using a favorite toy, hiding it, then rewarding your dog with a treat and the toy! Also, encouragement like “good boy/girl” always gets their tail wagging! Once that’s established, try making it a game with other objects. It’s a lot of fun and will totally tire your dog out.

2. Stairway Fetch

Instead of playing traditional fetch, try doing it up and down the stairs with a ball. Just adding in the extra steps is a great workout for your dog. Plus, the ball bounces all over the place, which usually excites your dog even more!

3. The Clean Up Game

Now, this is my favorite game of all! Get a large, easily accessible basket that can house your pup’s toys. Teach him or her to put away all the toys once you’re done with playtime. I like to sing a “clean up” song to my dogs and they kinda like it too! 😉 I reward them with small treats and a good petting after everything is cleaned up.

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