Boy Who Doesn’t Even Have Shoes Gives His Sweater to a Cold Street Dog

Studies show that people without a lot of money tend to give more, and it’s probably because unlike most rich people, they know just how it feels to go without.  A young boy, believed to be one of Pakistan’s many “street kids,” doesn’t even have shoes for himself, but he generously donated his sweater to a street dog to help him stay warm.  If that doesn’t hit ya right in the feels, I don’t know what could.


Freelance filmmaker Mohammad Belaal Imran was out taking pictures in Bahadurabad, a neighborhood in Karachi, Pakistan, when he saw a dog wearing a sweater.  This is a sight we see all the time in America, because many pet parents know to keep their dogs warm when they’re out for winter walks.  But this is a street dog in the Middle East – this dog may as well have been doing a cartwheel.

“I saw this dog last night at Bahadurabad wearing a full sleeves shirt, and while I was trying to capture him, this boy came calling, ‘Jaggu, Jaggu,’ and the dog went crazy after him,” Imran explained on his Facebook page.

“He started playing with him, which was unbelievable, as I never saw a stray dog playing like he was with this kid, who feeds him every day, and he is the one who gave Jaggu his shirt to wear because it’s cold.”

A fundraiser was set up to help Jaggu and this boy with the heart of gold (and that smile!), and in only a few short days, thousands of dollars have been donated.

“Funds raised here will be used to give the boy and the dog proper clothing, food, shelter as well as medical care for both these best friends,” Suhaib Jamal Nasir of North York, Ontario says on the fundraiser.

“Any excess funds will be use to set up a bank account for this street kid so that he can be sent to school and will be put towards getting Jaggu the dog looked at thoroughly by a vet.”

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