Boy Donates Over $1,300 to Rescue Group for His 9th Birthday

This year, instead of having people give him presents, Matthew just wanted them to donate money to Guardians of Rescue.  He and his family probably never would have imagined it, but over $1,300 was raised.  That is parenting done right!


“We admire when children have respect and compassion for animals,” GoR commented.  “We are so thankful to you Matthew and your selfless gift. We hope you had an amazing birthday.”


The letter Matthew sent to GoR.

Fans also were blown away by this kid’s maturity and generosity.  Laurie Oakley Desantis said:

You are already helping the animals Matthew. You are an amazing young man and with adulthood you will do wonderful things; I can only imagine how long that list will be. Parents take notice, this is our future. We all strive to raise our children to be productive, caring human beings who are ready when they are sent out into this world and Matthew you are well on your [way] to take it all in. Thank you Matthew, and thank you to your mom, your dad, your family, your extended family and your friends – we all know that it takes a village to raise a child. 🐾

Matthew’s mom, Maria, was very appreciative of the praise her son received.

“This is Matthew’s mom… Thank you so much for your kind words. Matthew is sitting here reading this with us and it is just awesome.”


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