Boy Who Lost His 17-Year-Old Dog Gets Christmas Surprise That Makes Him Cry Tears of Joy

Losing a pet is always heartbreaking, and it’s especially difficult on children. Billy O’Leary was heartbroken when the family’s 17-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Jimmy, passed away in November.

At the time of Jimmy’s passing Billy was told they couldn’t get another dog until summer. So imagine his joy when he opened this gift on Christmas Day!

Before the death of their beloved Yorkie, the O’Leary’s had a German Shepherd who lived to 13 years old, so we know this puppy is being welcomed into a family who love, respect and care for dogs.

And in case anyone was thinking this was a last minute, Billy’s uncle made sure to leet everyone know that he has seen how the family has looked after their dogs and commented that “I had the pleasure of seeing and playing with Jimmy one last time in November while visiting my family, he was a well looked after and loving family member.”

He knows that Max – the new puppy – “will be a perfect pet, friend and family member and will be treated as the other two were, which is to be loved and treasured.”

Watch Billy’s reaction to his new best friend in the video below.

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