Boy With Autism And His Service Dog Are An Incredible Cross Country Running Duo

Meet Hugo–a German Shepherd autism assistance dog who made history as the very first service dog who ran cross-country side by side with his best friend, Tyler.

Tyler Gerdts is a seventeen-year-old boy with Autism. He was born with a brain injury. But that didn’t stop Tyler from doing what he loves–running!


Ever since Hugo came into Tyler’s life, Tyler changed for the better. Tyler even told the Huffington Post that Hugo is his first real best friend and his number one friend. Isn’t that sweet? And according to his Tyler’s mom, she saw an amazing transformation in Tyler when Hugo became a part of his life.


Hugo is very well-trained to cater to Tyler’s needs. He was extensively trained at the Highland Canine Training in Harmony, North Carolina. He’s trained to respond in emergency cases like tracking Tyler, be able to sniff gases in the air, and as well as run with the boy! Watch the video below and see them running together!

Great job, Tyler and Hugo! You both are an inspiration to everyone!

What a beautiful friendship these two have!

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