Brave Dog Who Served Our Country Receives A Very Special Goodbye

Sgt. Canvas was one amazing dog, plain and simple. Not only was she incredibly loving and loyal, but she had the ability to detect up to 70 different kinds of bombs and explosive devices. Serving on multiple tours in the Middle East, she was often paired with Cpl. Moseley. The two developed a tight bond, which Moseley needed to not feel so alone while serving for our country. Aside from all the amazing work that this dog did, she even saved Moseley’s life, alerting him of a bomb that was right underneath his foot.

Sadly, at nine years of age, Sgt. Canvas developed a sever spinal injury that caused her a great deal of pain. Although Moseley didn’t want to let go of his best friend, he knew putting her to rest would ease her pain even though it would break his heart in the process. When the town’s people caught wind of this, the entire community came together to pay tribute to this great dog that was not only a true best friend, but a brave soldier. Take a look at Sgt. Canvas’ special goodbye tribute:

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