Breaking News: GoPro On Search & Rescue Dogs In Nepal Shows Unbelievable Devastation And Daring Rescues

We are all saddened by the tragedy that happened in Nepal. The country was hit not by one, but two earthquakes. The damages are tremendous and the death toll is rising. But we are all hopeful that all the survivors will be found. The world is united in helping Nepal get through this terrible tragedy.

And it’s not just people who are there to help. Rescue dogs are playing a vital role in searching and locating survivors who may be trapped underneath the rubble. In fact, a Norwegian rescue crew and their sniffer dog were able to rescue a woman who has been trapped for 5 days in a collapsed building in Kathmandu. Check out the video below and see a glimpse of these brave dogs searching for survivors.

These dogs are truly amazing. It’s not easy going all through that rubble.

Our prayers and hearts go to all the people of Nepal, and to the rescuers, both human and canine, who are risking their lives and working hard to help those in need.

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  1. monica

    They are wonderful dogs and I am happy that use these brave dogs to found people that are trap in the rubble and found life.The stray dog are hero and wonderful and they need owner to love him too.Give them a change that a great job but should that are ok too.

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