Breeder Couldn’t Profit From Tiny Albino Puppy So He Left Him On The Ground

A woman heard strange wailing coming from her neighbor’s yard. She had no idea what was going on. She went over to his door and knocked on it. The gentleman was in a state of shock. When she discovered a litter of pups less than 24 hours old in his backyard, his dog was out doing her business in the backyard.

Clanay, the woman who took the pups, said she would care for them. She made some calls and learned that the puppies were abandoned by a backyard breeder. His dog had given birth, and all of the pups were severely ill. He couldn’t make money off of them so he dumped them and fled.

According to Clanay, in the clip below, the pups were so tiny that they looked more like hamsters than dogs. She named Lucky when she saw him for the first time; she was certain he would not survive. He was smaller and less powerful than his brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, as each puppy died, Clanay had accepted that Lucky wouldn’t live long. She wasn’t going to give up on him, but she had to prepare herself. She was already beginning to form a connection with the little guy. Despite his poor health and stature, his spirit was incredibly strong. She decided she would take him home from the clinic.

Clanay was astounded to discover that despite having so many obstacles, Lucky was determined to eat. This convinced Clanay that Lucky wanted to live. To get as many nutrients as possible into the baby, she alternated between bottle and syringe feeding. And it worked! A week went by; then two weeks; and, amazingly, Lucky was still alive.

Clanay and her family were ecstatic when Lucky first opened his eyes. She realized then that he had a good chance of surviving. Her primary objective was to get him to eight weeks old before she could rest somewhat. When Clanay found out that Lucky was blind, she encountered several obstacles along the road, especially because Clanay wanted to keep him alive.

The veterinarian advised removing one of Lucky’s eyes surgically when he was older because it was so damaged. Lucky grew and developed. He was a lot of fun to be around, and he was exceptionally nice. Even though he was blind, he made every effort to enjoy life to the utmost degree possible.

Clanay brought Lucky into the clinic at four months old to have his sight removed. The tiny dog went really well during surgery and recovered swiftly. Clanay was able to return home with Lucky in a few days. She inquired why, and he responded, “Lucky is also albino.”.

Lucky’s doctor informed Clanay and the rest of his family that he had a rare brain disease. Clanay was speechless, especially when she learned about additional issues Lucky would face as a result of this diagnosis. Clanay didn’t care if Lucky had a “normal” existence; all she cared about was giving him the best possible life.

Clanay became his legal mother and accepted all of Lucky’s health issues with such elegance (as did Lucky!) To watch more about the incredible dog and his amazing mom, watch the video below. It is well worth your time! We are indebted to Clanay for saving Lucky’s life!

Click the video below to watch this incredible story!

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