‘Broken’ Dog Who Ended Up At A Shelter In Horrific Condition Makes Incredible Recovery

The Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles is a very busy animal shelter. Roman, a deaf dog, found himself there. He was in terrible shape. His ears were tattered, his teeth had been ground down, and his all his fur was gone (he had a skin infection). If that weren’t bad enough, he had lost his spirit.

Shelter volunteers posted his picture and hoped that someone would adopt him. Tye Friis, the founder of Reversed Rescue, stepped in to help.

Roman was taken to be a foster at Friis’s home. Friis recalls that there was an instant connection between him and Roman. Roman was very grateful for the compassion Friis showed him.

Friis was able to use hand gestures and signs to communicate with the deaf dog. Roman was very happy to have positive attention and a loving caregiver. Roman began his long journey back to health.

His fur started to grow back, but he will forever have small bald patches. The bond between Friis and Roman got stronger with each passing day. Roman lived with Friis for four months before moving to his forever home.

Rob and Diane Whitaker gave Roman a new home. After five months, the Whitaker’s brought Roman back to visit Friis.

Here you can see how Roman greeted the kind man who rescued him from his lonely kennel at the shelter!

How awesome that Roman remembered Friis – right? See, dogs are not just ‘animals’ – they are living creatures with a heart and soul. Be kind to animals.

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