Broken hearts: Tearful farewell caught on video as owner leaves his dog

In the early morning hours at the New Orleans’ facility of Villalobos Rescue Center, broken hearts too often prevail. Dogs are left tied up to the fences in anticipation of the staff finding them in the morning. It happened again on Tuesday. Although the initial reaction from hard-working rescuers is one of anger and despair for the dogs left behind, perhaps there is more to these stories?

The staff found a small dog tied to the fence. She has been named Cairo, but before making judgment watch the broken hearts involving both the dog and her owner.

“We used to get angry with people that did this and called them ‘cold hearted & uncaring,” Villalobos Rescue Center founder, Tia Torres wrote on Facebook after posting the surveillance video of the owner and the dog’s tearful separation.  But then we realized…they could’ve easily turned their dog loose in their neighborhood or taken their dog to a shelter that euthanizes within 4 days of their arrival. So in some roundabout way…these people cared enough to bring their dogs to us.”

Unfortunately as more abandoned and stray dogs fill up the rescue space and donations continue to decline, the task becomes more difficult.

“And yes each morning, we race to the post office hoping that the box is filled with donation checks but lately…it’s just not the case.”

Watch the entire video. What must have gone through both the dog’s and her owner’s minds as the man walked away – but not without a deep sorrow. Watch the initial separation as the man kisses her and slowly walks away. Surely he is telling her she will have a better life and someone kind will adopt her and give her a wonderful home; more than what this man can now provide. Watch how loyal Cairo is able to free herself and run after the human she loves. And then watch how the man carries her back – most likely in profound sadness.

This morning Cairo will find herself safe and soon be available for sponsorship. Sadly, there will be more mornings like this. Please consider donating to the dogs:

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