‘Bubble Puppy’ finally able to live in the real world

When Kathryn, a vet tech, first met baby Sally, she was in a dire situation. Sally had been handed over by a breeder who couldn’t provide the care she needed. She had contracted pneumonia and was having trouble breathing — the vet tech described her as “blue.”

To ensure Sally got all the oxygen she needed, Kathryn placed her in a container or “bubble” filled with oxygen. As soon as Sally was placed in the bubble, it was clear she was in desperate need of oxygen, and would need to stay in the bubble for quite some time. The poor little puppy was having difficulty breathing, and it was obvious her lungs needed strengthening.

Kathryn took care of Sally both inside and outside of her oxygen chamber for several days, or even weeks. The feisty puppy couldn’t leave her bubble for long, however, as she would quickly run out of breath.

Despite her condition, Sally had the spirit of a typical puppy. She often engaged with her caretakers in her own way, pressing her nose against the wall of her bubble, peeping out. The puppy wanted to frolic and live like any other dog, but her physical condition didn’t allow her to do so. But Kathryn was not one to give up on the spirited dog.

During the puppy’s recovery and strengthening process, they often took Sally and her bubble along, so she could experience more than the four walls of her oxygen chamber. This continued until Sally began pawing at the bubble, clearly expressing her desire to come out.
She managed about 15 seconds outside her bubble.

Despite her breathing difficulties, Sally still desired to leave her protective cocoon and explore the outside world. Kathryn decided to make the pup’s brief excursions outside the bubble a regular occurrence. This also benefited the dog’s lungs by providing them with some form of exercise. Thus, in the following days, they began taking Sally out of her bubble for brief periods of time.

Kathryn progressively increased the time between Sally’s oxygen assists over several weeks. Sally went from being able to survive 15 seconds without oxygen to managing up to 3 minutes.

This improvement was evident as a result of their daily workouts. It made a significant difference in Sally’s breathing capacity. As she grew, her bubble had to evolve, and Kathryn ingeniously devised a way to enlarge it, giving her more room to move instead of just lying down.
One day, they decided to take Sally outside. She was truly outdoors, with the sun warming her fur and playing in the grass. Her lungs weren’t yet strong enough to stay out for long, so they placed her back in her bubble. They even gave Sally the liberty to enter and exit her bubble as she pleased due to her incredible progress since the first day when she was trapped within it.
The next day, Sally decided she no longer wanted to remain in her bubble.

Sally was doing well, but for safety reasons, Kathryn decided to place her back in the bubble. However

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