Bulldog Can’t Get Her Giant Bone Through the Doggy Door, But Finds a Genius Solution

Dogs are natural clowns. They make us laugh even with the simplest things they do. Just like this Bulldog who’s trying to get her giant bone through the doggy door!

This cutie is trying to figure out how to get her giant bone through the doggy door. At first she tries to do it the usual way she goes through the dog door, but that’s not gonna happen. The bone is just too big and too wide to fit in that small door. So she tries another solution. She goes through the door first, and now that she’s on the other side, she tries to get the bone. But that doesn’t work either! But persistence is key here! Watch the video below and see if she can successfully get that giant bone through the doggy door!

Good thinking, sweetie! You finally figured out how to get that bone through the door! See? Persistence really does pay off! Great job!

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