Bulldog falls asleep to owner’s guitar lullaby song

The benefits of having a dog are immeasurable: They can lower blood pressure, make you get more exercise, provide comfort when you’re lonely or anxious, make you smile and, more importantly, just be a loving presence around your home.

Reuben the Bulldog has done all these things and made the people around him a happier family. To sit quietly and watch him snoozing on his favorite new bed is a calming scene. There may not be a lot going on here, but if you need to take a moment in your busy day to be calm and restful, Reuben is here for you.

Reuben’s owner wrote this small tune 20 years ago and never gave it a name, but now he’s decided after all this time to title it ‘Reuben’s Lullaby’. Enjoy!

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