Bulldog & German Shepherd puppy interaction will warm your heart

Creed is a ten week old bulldog puppy who loves meeting people and other dogs. Sabbath is an 11 week old German Shepherd who also loves all other dogs. You can imagine how thrilled they were to each meet another dog their own size. From a distance, both spied the other and began pulling at their leash and harness, eager to get a sniff and engage in some puppy play.

Few things are as cute as happy puppies. These two really show their joy when they make a new friend. Sabbath is so excited he actually rolls onto his back for a belly rub.

These two lovable pups were being brought by their owners to pick up kids from a local school. This is a great opportunity to socialize a puppy and get them used to people and other dogs. As people gathered in the school yard for their little people to be let out, the crowd couldn’t help but get drawn into the cuteness of these two. They whimpered and pawed at each other and sniffed all around.

Creed is small now, but you can tell by his loose skin that he will grow to an impressive size. Big chested and muscular, these dogs are intimidating looking, but they are among the most affectionate and gentle of the popular breeds. With proper socialization, they are cuddle monsters and fantastic family pets.

Sabbath also has a lot of growing to do and his paws give an indication for how large he will be in a few months. Shepherds are a smart breed, loyal and strong, with a very good temperament for being part of a family with kids. They are an assertive breed and this sort of socializing at an early age is extremely wise.

Both of these puppies are impossible to resist and they both get lots of attention wherever they go.

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