Bulldog Throws World’s Cutest Temper Tantrum After His Bed Is Stolen

If somebody steals your property, you’d be mad right? And if a parking slot is reserved for you, then somebody parks on it without your permission, that would surely get in your nerves too, correct? Well, that’s how the Bulldog in the video below feels!

This Bulldog is throwing a tantrum because another dog has stolen his bed! He loves his bed because not only is it comfy, it’s close to the window too–so he gets enough sunlight when he wants to sunbathe. And because of it’s proximity to the glass window, he can see the whole property from his bed. It surely has a wonderful view. And now another dog just stole it from him! Who wouldn’t be mad?! Watch the video below!

It’s his rightful place, it’s his favorite space, and it belongs to him and only him!

After a minute of grumbling and complaining, his persistence surely paid off, cos that other dog moved away and Mr. Bulldog is back in his beloved bed!

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