These Bulldogs are just too hilarious to miss. LOL

Have you ever noticed that Bulldogs are really funny? Their body makes them look even funnier. Not to mention that cute adorable face of theirs. Personally I have never had a bulldog. Nor have I ever had any contact with a Bulldog, but they look really awesome. For all of you who don’t know what a Bulldog is, then you should watch the following video, and you will have a better idea.

Let me give you a hint. The following video is a compilation of a couple of funny videos with Bulldogs. You will see everything you need to see in this short video. You will see lazy Bulldogs, funny, silly, awesome, playful, energetic, and sleepyheads. This video is all in one, and I can assure you it is really worth it. From the first moment I opened the video, until it was over, I just couldn’t stop laughing. These dogs are just too hilarious. Now that I watched this video I wanna have a Bulldog, so I can do all different crazy things with it.

For more information please watch the following video, and if you think it is a funny video than pass it to your friends. I truly believe that people should see the playful spirit of these adorable dogs. At first they seem too serious, or lazy, but they are not all the same. There are some really interesting characters in the big family of Bulldogs out there. These dogs are part of the “really interesting characters” family. I know it is not fair, but I gotta say that the little dude who wakes up because of the sausage smell, is such a character. I mean how could he wake up just to eat, and then fall back to sleep again. LOL Enjoy you guys.

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